I’m afraid I forget all the language before I will be able to get to Serbia :/


I DO speak Serbian but not as good as I would love to. Actually I understand most of your messages but to answer in Serbian is difficult for me. The stucture of Serbian is similar to my native language (Russian) but they mostly have different flexions in the same cases and I’m getting confused with them. So I prefer to answer in English unless the short answer in Serbian is enough or you don’t speak English at all :)



Old Slav Cyrillic, Šabac - Srbija


Srpska ćirilica (Serbian Cyrillic alphabet)


The Serbian Cyrillic alphabet  is the modern alphabet, which is used to write the Serbian language. It consists of 30 letters, each of which has its own sound. It was developed in 1818 by Serbian linguist Vuk Karadžić and was officially adopted in 1868, four years after his death. The…